Quality Supervisor

Quality Supervisor

Bluegrass Ingredients

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DEPARTMENT:                  Quality

POSITION:                           Lab Supervisor

REPORT TO:                       Quality Manager

CLASSIFICATION:            Special Skilled/ Exempt

WORKING HOURS:           Full Time, Shift may vary, Overtime as needed

Kentucky is an employment at will state.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:       Including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Supervising of the Quality Lab employees and daily operations.
  2. Monitoring with documentation of all lab analyses.
  3. Be able to recognize abnormal results and lab equipment malfunctions, be able to make appropriate decisions in relation to quality issues and direct staff if retests are necessary.
  4. Coordinate with lab personnel in conducting the recently implemented SPC swab program to check effectiveness of sanitation.
  5. Communicate out of spec results to QA manager.
  6. Organize work to obtain maximum efficiency.
  7. Do general routine maintenance and QC of equipment and cleaning in area.
  8. Perform weekly environmental swabbing.
  9. Present a positive attitude toward job, co-workers, and other departments.
  10. Directly involved with all environmental monitor corrective actions and establish programs to minimize occurrences of positive pathogens.
  11. Update and correct, as necessary, all lab procedures.
  12.  Inventory and ensure availability of all lab supplies.
  13.  Complete and maintain all currently established lab documents necessary to successfully pass an audit.
  14.  Participate in audits for any area.
  15.  Ensure that new hires are properly trained and evaluated through actual on the job training.
  16. Responsible for identifying and addressing any food safety hazards and quality threats. In the event that a food safety hazard or quality threat is identified, the employee is to notify their supervisor, a member of Quality, or a member of the Leadership Team. Employees are empowered to immediately address a food safety hazard or quality threat if they have the ability.
  17. Responsible for attending all required safety and food safety training.
    1. Complies with plant regulations concerning GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices), safety rules and work rules, and loss control procedures.


    In the absence of the Lab Supervisor, the Quality Manager or Director of Quality will be responsible for the duties of the Lab Supervisor.


    1. Must be neat, clean, and have legible handwriting,
    2. Must be punctual,
    3. Must have good manual dexterity,
    4. Must present a positive attitude toward co-workers and job,
    5. Must do other work as assigned.

     Physical Demands: Standing, walking, sitting, bending, stooping, pushing, pulling, kneeling, reaching, twisting, lifting, climbing ladders and stairs, and carrying up to 85 pounds. 

       Environmental Demands:  Noise levels above 85 DBA. Hot and cold working conditions.

    Job Hazards: Caustics, acids, chlorine, ammonia, high pressure steam and water, hot equipment, trucks fork lifts, conveyers, mechanical hazards, slick or wet floors, confined space entry, elevated work areas on platforms, and equipment above 10 feet. 

    Other Job Requirements:  This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this employee. He/she will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties requested by management.

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