Located in picturesque central Kentucky, Washington County is a rural setting that offers something for everyone.  Nestled right along the Kentucky bourbon trail, and home to notable horse farms, we embrace what Kentucky is known for, and provide our own unique twist.  We pride ourselves on the cultural and artistic experiences you can find in this community, and in our strong education base that includes a high achieving public school system, and two post-secondary education campuses. 

Washington County Statistical Summary

Population 2013
Washington County: 11,875
Labor Market Area: 390,028

Per Capita Income 2012: $29,189
Median Household Income: 2012: $39,432
Median Home Price: 2013: $73,750

Total Available Labor 2012
Washington County: 589
Labor Market Area: 18,164

Unemployment Rate 2015
Washington County: 4.9%
Labor Market Area: 5.7%
U.S.: 5.6%

Average Weekly Wage 2013
Washington County: $657
Labor Market Area: $690
U.S.: $957

Business Cost

Kentucky Index, 2009 (U.S. = 100)
Labor Cost: 94
Energy Cost: 74
Overall Business Cost: 89

Gross Domestic Product Per Wage, 2013
Kentucky: $2.33
U.S.: $2.34

Industrial Electric Cost Per KWH, 2012
Kentucky: $0.0535
U.S.: $0.0667
Kentucky has the 6th lowest cost for industrial electrical power amongst the 50 states.